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Meet the team

Meet the team

The excellence of resides in the bringing together of three types of actors: end-users (customers), purveyors of added-value climate information and producers of primary urban climate data.

The consortium is composed of 14 organisations, including 6 businesses (T6, METEOTEST, INES, BIKE CITIZEN, GISAT, ARCTIK), 3 public bodies (ANTWERP, SSColosseo, ASPB), an NGO (IURS), and 4 research organisations (VITO, JOANNEUM, ISGLOBAL, KU LEUVEN).

This complementary composition reflects the value chain intends to demonstrate:

  1. generation of science-based urban climate data (research organisations)
  2. creation of added-value products and services (businesses and research organisations);
  3. employment of these products/services by end-users (businesses and public bodies).



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